The Healthy Living Handbook

The Healthy Living Handbook

Published in March 2024

Many books claim they will change your life. The Healthy Living Handbook may do it. 

In the UK one in seven deaths are preventable. The top six illnesses cause most of these deaths: a healthy lifestyle cuts the risk of all of them. What’s more, a healthy lifestyle benefits every part of our lives. Relationships, how we feel about ourselves, our enjoyment of life, our looks, our outlook, our sex lives, how much money we have, how long we live for, and our quality of life.

The Healthy Living Handbook begins by stating how being healthy benefits us, including in ways that we may not have realised. It identifies the barriers to leading a healthy life and how to address them. The handbook examines the main factors that affect our health: what we eat, being active, drink, drugs, smoking, sleeplessness, stress, and our mental state. These chapters start with key facts, and the health risks that are reduced if the reader acts. This is followed by detailed advice. They end by listing where to get support and more information. The final chapters describe how to plan to live healthily, what to do when things go wrong, and how changing your life is for the rest of your life. All this is in ten chapters and one hundred and fifty pages.

The health content is taken from the NHS website. Experts in nutrition, physical activity, smoking, drinking, drugs, and mental health have checked this content. 

The Healthy Living Handbook is readable and persuasive. Its style is concise, realistic, humorous, motivating, and lively. 

The book is for anyone who has concerns about their health or know of someone who does. By the end of the book, the reader will know how much a healthy lifestyle will benefit their life and what they can do to achieve one.

The Healthy Living Handbook averages over four stars in reviews. Read reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

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